Some Updates from C21TS

By | August 27, 2023

Hi all, will keep this short as internet is super slow at home and sometimes down to almost dial up speed.

Some stats to date as of this morning

QSOs 10,519
Unique callsigns 4,697
QSOs per station 2.24
Kilometers per QSO 7,559 km
Countries 102

The above gives some idea of the bands I’ve been on. Most of the 30M QSO were last night with really amazing sigs on 30m with S0 noise over 500 QSO logged single stream using 25 watts.

As to be expected in this part of the world JA front and centre. C21WW was about the same at the end with 51% Asia.

15M is where I having the best luck with EU for now but that will change.

So far the software that’s worked best for me is MSHV with “special message” option, single stream on standard frequencies.

40m 80m and perhaps 160m will come when my second rig and antennas arrive from Fiji. I am using MyAntennas 9:1 Endfed 51′ feet / 15.5 metres long in a inverted V setup at the monet with barefoot FT-891.

I have coming from Fiji my 2 main antennas from 3D2TS being MyAntennas 80m OCFD and from same company 80m-10m EFHW. I’ll probably go with the EFHW first up as end fed will be easier to setup here for now. I don’t have any deal with MyAntennas but can’t say enough good things about their antennas.

I still get a lot of emails and cluster talk saying “open to EU” etc etc This is usually based on hearing 3D2AG or 3D2USU. Some times even worse, I can hear VK, why not you? I chat with Antoine 3D2AG all the time and some nights he messages me saying EU on 10m here, I look and I have a JA and BY and nothing else. Having worked many years from VK, FK and 3D2 I can tell you just because you hear one doesn’t mean you going to hear the other. Even the relatively small distance (1300Km) from FK1TS to 3D2TS it can be totally different at each.

For the record I am 2324Km from 3D2AG and 2422Km from FK1TS. It’s over 3000Km to VK4 and 4500 Km to KH6. Do I need to draw circles around EU countries to show what that means? The only person who can say it’s open for now is me, I am afraid. It would however be good to have a WSPR beacon up here on both RX and TX. Am thinking to leave the rig band hopping on WSPR on top bands when I am not active. Will see.

73 for now and I hope this posts.

Phill C21TS

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