C21TS 2023 Part 2

By | June 22, 2023

Hi all, wow, it’s been a while since I did anything on here so was tossing around the idea to do C21TS updates here rather than on Facebook so that the information is available to everyone. Not everyone wants to have, or needs to have a Facebook account. So I am calling this part 2 as part 1 is on FB.

So I am Phill Hardstaff AKA FK1TS since 1987 (on and off) 3D2TS mostly since 2017 (but I also had that call in 1988 and more recently C21TS. I operated C21TS briefly for a couple of days around March 22nd to March 25th 2023 when I went to Nauru to check the place out before accepting a job offer there. If all goes well I should be back in July 2023. (I am also VK3HA)

Above is Ewa Beach where I was located. I only really managed one full day of operation for about 1000 QSO using a very modest setup. I was only using a small Diamond mobile vertical at the end of 10 metre squid pole. This was the only antenna I could get up where I was.

Far from ideal but it was the only way to get something above the roofline. Anyways, it worked on 6m and 10m and I could also tune on 12m.

6m opening at C21TS

I was pleasantly surprised to hear my neighbour from back in Fiji, 3D2AG on 6m and was able to give him a new one on 6m.

12m pileup

So, anyways, will be hoping to update with future plans some time soon. I will be taking the FT-891 again with FC-50 tuner and Powerwerx PSU. I will also be taking 1 x 10m Squid Pole, mobile whip, 2 endfed antennas (one short and one long). Should be enough to get things moving once I get settled in as I don’t know where I’ll be staying as yet.

I am shipping also later on my IC-7300, spare Powerwerx PSU, MyAntennas Endfed Half Wave, MyAntennas 80m OCFD, some spare PC, screens, tools, 100 feet of LMR400, connectors etc etc and a spare squid pole.

73’s and hope to see you on the air from C21TS some time soon.

FK1TS | 3D2TS | C21TS | VK3HA (all current call signs) Ex A35PJ, ZK1XT, 5W1HF


OCF-8010E-3K ā€“ MyAntennas.com Antenna used at FK1TS and 3D2TS 90% of the time
EFHW-8010-2K-Plus ā€“ MyAntennas.com 2022-2023 at 3D2TS, used on 17M to work Bouvet šŸ™‚
Powerwerx 30 Amp Desktop DC Power Supply with Powerpole Connectors | Powerwerx had one of these running since 2018 continuous at 3D2TS, can’t say enough good things about them. The mains power in Fiji went through about 5 other brands of PSU but these lasted.

5 thoughts on “C21TS 2023 Part 2

  1. tony ik0ozd

    hi Phil tks for your info , hope to have a qso with you from C21
    73 Tony IK0OZD

    1. Phill Hardstaff Post author

      thanks Tony, we will be working hard to get to EU as C21 is 48 on most wanted from EU.

  2. F6FVY

    Are you working anything else than digital modes ? I mean human modes like Phone or even CW ?

    1. Phill Hardstaff Post author

      Hi, initial focus will be on FT8 but as I get settled in I am really keen to do some SSB contacts. So expect phone and FT8.

      73 Phill

  3. Norman 5b4aif

    look forward to seeing you on air, good luck
    Norman 5b4aif


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