C21TS on the air finally

By | August 6, 2023

Small steps, antenna is not so great at the moment. It’s an endfed with 9:1 unun but is up in a not so great place. I’ve used this antenna from 3D2TS for a couple of years and if in the right place works well.

I will work on that this afternoon with the help of the 10m fiberglass pole I bought with me.

I updated QRZ with QSL information this morning. I am copying and pasting here but refer to the C21TS QRZ page for exact QSL and QTH information etc etc I have updated QTH info also, I am still in the same grid square though a little further south.

From QRZ.com

Updated 6 August 2023.

“Hi all, I am finally more or less permanently in Nauru. AFAIK I am the only resident active ham on Island. A few ground rules if I may, as even though I am more or less resident here doesn’t mean I am sitting in a big shack with air con all day with my feet up. I have a job to do here which is front and center. Radio is out of hours but will be most mornings, nights and weekends as there is not a lot else to do.

I do NOT have internet at home yet for my laptop, so for now no real time updates via Clublog, I’m working on this but it’s expensive. (around AUD$210 a month) I will try to send updates as often as I can. I hope to have this sorted by the end of August 23. I do however have my phone with limited data which is how I will do spots etc

QSL will be via Charles M0OXO, don’t email me for QSL or sched please. Not just yet anyway. Let me get a few calls in the log first then once things calm down a bit we can look at scheds.

https://www.m0oxo.com/oqrs/logsearch.php?dxcallsign=C21TS (no logs as yet)

Busted calls to me, but please check last log upload time first !!

I will do EQSL, QRZ and Clublog as time permits. I hope that soon at least Clublog will be real time so you can see if you have been logged or not. Direct QSL and LoTW via M0OXO at link above. Wait for logs to be updated before complaining please.

I am currently only doing FT8 and maybe FT4. I will be using MSHV, so call with signal report if you want. I will start on normal FT8 frequencies and if it gets busy move elsewhere. I hope to do some SSB as conditions pick up towards the end of the year.

For now I am only using an FT891 barefoot with a simple endfed that will do 40m to 6m. I have better antennas coming from Fiji later this month (from my 3D2TS setup) Those being 80m EFHW and 80m OCFD. And I have the space to out them up this time.

Refer to C21TS | Hardstaff.Com for updates as I don’t intend updating this page here very often. The website also updates the Facebook page for C21TS if FB is your thing. I will probably do frequency announcement etc on the FB page only. I will also try to spot on DXSummit.

I can’t turn on any lights at night as everything wipes out all bands. Even CFL lights here make S9 noise !”

7 thoughts on “C21TS on the air finally

  1. Hans

    Good luck and stay save Phil…. cu in the waterfall 73, Hans DK3PZ

  2. Gray L Fulk WX4F

    Great signal on 15M this morning in NC peak at -7, thanks for ATNO!!!! 73, Gray WX4F

  3. Antoine De Ramon N'Yeurt 3D2AG

    GL Phil and see you on the bands…thanks for the 6m QSO! VY 73 Antoine 3D2AG

  4. Stefan

    Thanks for the QSO today on 10m FT8, from Hawaii to Nauru.

    Aloha !

    Stefan, NH6SP

  5. Rudi Temmerman

    Hi Phil. Monitoring PSKreporter every evening.
    Received your signal briefly on 15M some time ago but was not able to make a QSO.
    So far I never received you on any other band.
    GL & greetings from Belgium
    73, Rudi, ON7KR

    1. Phill Hardstaff Post author

      15m going to be best option for now, will keep an eye out

      73 Phill


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