Genealogy and Forum pages added

By | May 1, 2006

Hi all, I just finished adding an instance of PHPGedView, will give this a bit of a test out and try to compare it to TNG, TNG cost me money but I like what I see, please feel free to try both of these loaded with the same data and let me know what you think. Has anyone has had experience with both PHPGedView and TNG ?  please let me know. I want to get something up quickly that is usuable and the people can update easily. See the forum and geneaology link on the left hand side menu.

2013 Update : I have since moved this server 2 times and PhPGedview is no longer working, I took a look yesterday and that project has not had any updates since December 2009. So yesterday I bought the latest version of TNG, installed it and updated with I believe to be the latest gedcom file I saved off the old server. You can access it here

2015 Update : This resource is offline until I get it reinstalled. Hopefully this year (2015)

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