Genealogy Programs Shootout

By | May 1, 2006

Hi, I have installed both PHPGedView and TNG, please try both and then come back and vote, PHPGedView is GPL Open Source and free, TNG is commercial software, but of course can be modified because it’s all PHP 🙂 Both these are loaded with almost the same data, there might be a few more records in the TNG database.

TNG is here (2015 Update, currently offline)

PHPGedView is here (2015 Update, currently offline)

Respective home pages


PHPGedView –

While it is possible to open both these programs from within Joomla I have not done thatfor now so you can see the windows full size. Have fun.

Also, please note that the user database for both PHPgedView and TNG are separate from the user database for the web site, and will probably stay like that.




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