Create an ISO image from files

By | January 8, 2016

I was running up a new VM in VMware last night (Windows NT4) and after installing needed to install SP6a. Only problem was after first install of Windows NT there was no tools (needs SP6a) and no network so no easy way to get the files into the NT4 VM. So I thought just mounting an ISO would be the easiest path but how to get the SP6 files into an ISO image?

Of course there arev many way to do this, this is but one but it’s dead simple. First download and install Imgburn. Then it’s pretty straight forward after that.

Clipboard Image

The version I was using (via

Clipboard Image (1)

Select create image file from files / folders

Clipboard Image (2)

Select where they are

Clipboard Image (3)

Name your ISO

Clipboard Image (4)

Click the “burn” button

Clipboard Image (5)

A nice touch, I just added one folder, do I just want to out the files in the root, yes I do

Clipboard Image (6)

Again, another nice touch, change if you want to

Clipboard Image (7)

Ready to go, press OK

Clipboard Image (8)

Finished, that took about 7 seconds 🙂

Clipboard Image (9)

Image file ready to mount

Have fun

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