Move Completed

By | June 7, 2013

Just an update, I noticed that the genealogy page getting a lot of hits but the pages it was linked to do not exist any more. Now that I have local access to the server I will rectify that in the next week or so and get my Family History stuff back on line.This is actually now done and available at

It is so good having the server right next to you when you have been used to accessing it over long distances and slow links. I will also get up an article in the next few days about what this site is running on gear wise and how it is set up. I currently have about 10 virtual machines running on a server that uses about 11-15 watts of power and storage of 6Tb using about 35 watts of power, so the whole thing using less than 50 watts of power most of the time. I now just need to cut over to point to here.


I am now running Joomla 3.51 and have stuck with the default template for now because it so clean and works so well across a lot of devices, this even looks OK on my Nokia 820. So, onwards and forwards and getting back to regular updates and tech stories here.



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