Vista DRM Bullshit

By | July 25, 2007

I called this Vista DRM Bullshit because this is my website and I am allowed to swear and secondly I am sick and tired of hearing this crap regurgitated again and again and again. So far, no big deal, just the usual morons sprouting this rubbish, then a couple of days ago this arrives in my inbox, from someone who should know better.

This is the URL to said content.

and in case it gets pulled I quote from the URL above.

"Windows Media DRM: Cracked!

Many folks have told me that they refuse to upgrade to Vista because of its Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology that supposedly makes it impossible to play "ripped" music. DRM is a controversial subject; it's not just content thieves who hate it. Many people who legitimately buy music and other protected content are outraged when they find they're unable to play that content when and where they want after they've paid for it."

What a load of bollocks, bullshit, crap, rubbish, take your pick. How friggin hard would it have been to verify that ? Actually very easily, just try it and see ! but no, check out the words "supposedly makes" I mean f..k, why even say something like that ? that is journalism at the lowest common denominator as far as I am concerned.

So I guess my point is this is not true, not at all. Just Google vista drm myth 🙂 Vista does NOT stop you from playing ripped content, not now, not in the past, not ever ! and sheesh, even if it did, well just use another Media Player ! Till next time.

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