Moved Site to WordPress

By | November 25, 2015

Pretty happy to see the last of Joomla actually! Updated 30 November : Move to WordPress is completed and I have changed DNS for to point here. The old sebsite is still up at I am reasonably sure no linkks have been broken thanks to some nifty redirects, more about that soon in another article. PJH

Syncing Music Library on Windows Phone 8

By | May 31, 2014

This article is about syncing your music library to your new Windows Phone 8 device, but mostly about a new piece of music library management software I discovered.. Am writing this after a few days of frustration with the software I normally use and the continuing problem of duplicate songs appearing on the phone. I hope this saves… Read More »

Low Power VM Lab Pt II

By | May 30, 2014

This has been a while coming but anyways better late then ever. Since I wrote the original article I have been using a number of different hyper-visors, also the hosts number has grown to three. Here’s how it went. To start with I had everything running with VMWare which I had some interest in as it was what… Read More »

Surface Pro Part II

By | May 16, 2014

Just to pick up a few points here about the Surface as my main work device / PC. Our standard environment is Windows 7 and we are testing Windows 8. So I often run Windows 7 in a VM on the Surface. Now that’s pretty cool seeing Windows 7 running in a VM on top of Windows 8… Read More »

Low Power VM Lab

By | June 10, 2013

I am documenting here some work I have been doing over the last couple of weeks to get together a mini low power data centre (lab or private cloud if you like). What I wanted to do at the start was to have something I could run up Vmware ESXi on to get to to know this software… Read More »

Move Completed

By | June 7, 2013

Just an update, I noticed that the genealogy page getting a lot of hits but the pages it was linked to do not exist any more. Now that I have local access to the server I will rectify that in the next week or so and get my Family History stuff back on line.This is actually now done… Read More »

Moving Web Site and Upgrade to 3.1

By | June 4, 2013

Hi all, hoping to publish some interesting stuff here soon as I move this web site to my home data centre and my newly set-up “private cloud” using XCP and an Intel NUC. For now just testing everything works after the upgrade to Joomla 3.1 from 2.5 and also moving the web site off Mac OS X server… Read More »

Moving to Joomla 2.5

By | February 18, 2013

Hi all, I am in the process of moving the site to Joomla 2.5 so there may be a few broken links etc, please bear with me, I expect to have this finished in a couple of days. Update 20/02/2013  This migration is mostly done, need to go through the site and check links etc against what shows… Read More »