Loggerythm – New Version – Update

By | May 31, 2006

If you downloaded the unlimited users analysis version please download again, there was a bug in it where it dies saying something like “unable to create png file”. I finally tracked this down to a problem with Delphi 7.1 update. I uninstalled Delphi and reinstalled, recompiled everything, and did not apply the 7.1 update and it now works… Read More »

EventSentry versus MOM 2005

By | May 29, 2006

I recently decided that we needed something here to monitor the events on our Windows servers. A long time ago we used to use Logcaster but that got too pricey for us and we dumped it, the idea being to go to Microsoft MOM, see (http://www.microsoft.com/mom/default.mspx for Microsoft Operations Manager Home). At that stage I tried MOM 2000,… Read More »

Loggerythm – New Version

By | May 23, 2006

Well not quite, just a new exe with unlimited user rows is available 🙂 OK, try this, on the left hand menu click on Register, and register an account on this web site, you will receivel only updates of significance and nothing else by email from me, but I would like to know how many people are downloading… Read More »

Unlimted user analysis

By | May 22, 2006

I have already had a few requests for a version of this program that does not have the 5 user limit for user analysis, I am working on this now, I first have to find the right source code which I did last night, then reinstall Delphi 7 and all the add-ons that I use, then get familiar… Read More »

New Home for Loggerythm

By | May 21, 2006

I have decided to shutdown the Loggerythm site at http://www.loggerythm.com and move everything here, the reason is simple, trying to keep more than one web site up to date is a major pain, also you have a means to contact me direct on this site by using the "contact us" link rather than through email, I rarely read… Read More »

Genealogy Programs Shootout

By | May 1, 2006

Hi, I have installed both PHPGedView and TNG, please try both and then come back and vote, PHPGedView is GPL Open Source and free, TNG is commercial software, but of course can be modified because it’s all PHP 🙂 Both these are loaded with almost the same data, there might be a few more records in the TNG… Read More »

Genealogy and Forum pages added

By | May 1, 2006

Hi all, I just finished adding an instance of PHPGedView, will give this a bit of a test out and try to compare it to TNG, TNG cost me money but I like what I see, please feel free to try both of these loaded with the same data and let me know what you think. Has anyone… Read More »